The New Nurse

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I went to the clinic on like Tuesday because my stomach started hurting really badly and i wanted to come home and take some meds. So i walked in and there’s like 30 kids waiting and so i have to stand against the wall and wait for her to sign every kid in. i dont know why we couldnt simply sign ourselves into the clinic.
WHY CAN’T WE JUST SIGN OURSELVES OUT IF WE’RE 18?? seriously? i know no1 would stay at school but its just kind of stupid that we’re allowed to decide the next president, smoke, and gamble but we can’t leave school when we’re ill without calling our parents.
anyways so like basically the nurse was super nice BUT EXTREMELY SLOW. slower than my deceased great grandparents.
so she starts signing the kids in and making sure they have passes, taking their temps with this cool new forehead thermometer, and filling out their passes or whatevv. then this guy comes in like, ‘im here to pick up my sister’ and the nurse is like, ‘…but i didnt even make a call yet…’ and she’s like ‘yeah i texted him’ and the nurse was like ‘ahhh hell nahhh’ and she like called the girls mom and explained teh rules of the school and how cells arent allowed and whatever. meanwhile these sick kids on the side were like coughing and throwing up. i was like ‘is this really necessary? cant you just let the sick girl go home??’ but she was like getting the girl into trouble with the admin and stuff. it was all very dumb.
and thennnnnnnnnn after like 3 people finally got their calls home there were 4 of us left (we didnt really start out with 30.i may have exaggerated a little) and these kids started coming in from their science class like ‘can we use some sterile things for our science experiment??’ so instead of saying something like ‘i have sick kids here and i need to take care of them first’, she was like ‘okayy and started searching her office and the clinic for something good.
i was like..are you effing serious?? is this real??
and my stomach was killing me. but at least i could sit down because enough people left.
this kid came into the clinic and the nurse was like, ‘why are you here?’ and he was like, ‘ dont know! i had to use the bathroom and my teacher wouldnt let me go so i told her i was sick and she told me to come to the clinic!’ and the nurse CALLED HIS MOM AND TOLD HER. she was like ‘i dont know why he’s here! he just had to go to the bathroom…’ and it was kind of ridiculous!

then my friend walks out of the sleeping area thing after a 2 hour nap…lol
and she feels horrible and we’re still waiting for the nurse to take our info and call our parents.
FINALLY AFTER 4 LONG YEARS OF WAITING, she gets to us and we call our parents. she was like ‘do you really really have to have to have to go home?? you dont have a temperature!!’ i was like ‘excuse me bitch ive been waiting here for 7 years i’m pretty sure its time for me to go home.’
anyone who wants to go to the clinic in the future…DONT. just leave school and then get it excused later. trust me. you will thank me.


Jesus is calling out to her!

A couple of weeks ago i went to my friends 18th birthday party at Olive Garden and i got there like 15 minutes before the birthday girl did. i gave the lady at the front a cake that i had baked and asked her if the waiter could bring it out when we were finished eating with the candles lit and everything, so she said ‘ok’ and went to put it in the fridge.
When we were done eating, nothing was happening and the waiter was asking us if we wanted dessert…
i was like………WHERES THAT CAKE that i spent 5 hours baking? (not really it was like betty crocker or something but still).
so i went to the kitchen myself and told some random girl to bring out the cake from the fridge and she did, but the candles werent lit…
i was like..ummm excuse me can i get some fiyyaa up in this jointt?? so she was like asking around for a lighter from all the waiters and this guy finally lit the 3 candles and I SERVED THE CAKE MYSELF. i was like …um excuse me. isnt it the waiter’s job to serve the food. it was really awkward serving a cake to the dinner party that i was at.
anyways so after dinner, two of my friends and i went to the mall to hang out and then these two nice ladies come up to us…AND START PREACHING TO US. one of them was really nice and was asking me all these questions and talking to me about sin. and then my friend looks at her and says ‘um excuse me. i dont mean to be rude or anything, but why are you asking us this?’ and they lady goes..’its just my hobby.’
we were both like ‘okay you need a new hobby because this doesn’t look fun at all. and we’re not interested’. i mean…for my hobby i collect snapple caps with all the facts on them…not go to not-so-random teenagers in the mall and start talking to them about religion. sounds fun though.
So after like 30 minutes of being preached to, i see some of my friends so im like ‘excuse me please’ and i go and say hi to my friends. MEANWHILE back at the preaching corner (the fountain at tyson’s), the second lady is telling my friend ‘you need to convert your friend[talking about me, of course]. JESUS IS CALLING OUT TO HER!!!’
hahahahahaha im likeee. holddd upppp. haha but i wasnt there when she said that, my friend just told me later.

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so this is my bad luck…again.
REMEMBER: always carry a spare key, and carry “ANTI-PREACHING” broshures to give to preachers at the mall when they hand you “JESUS IS CALLING OUT TO YOU” broshures.


More Bad Luck!

I thought the bad luck was over but apparently not!!
If you read the note i posted a while ago about my UNLUCKY DAY, you know that i accidentally locked my keys in the car! Well today, it happened again! S and i went to Mason to study and hang out and before we could even walk into the building, we knew that we were never going to get to study. S told me to lock the door and so i did, and then i closed it. and then i moved closer to her and closed the back door, too!!! I didnt know that her backpack was still in there and that she had left her keys in one of the bag’s pockets!! so we were like…….FML!!
luckily, S’s friend works at Jiffy Lube! So we holler’d at him and he came with his grand theft auto gear and stuck things around places and tried to get the door open!! the car definitely knew it was being ‘broken into’ because it WOULD NOT OPEN!!!! so we were like…FML! what are we going to do!! S’s friend was on the scene at the time of the crime so he offered to take us home!! i felt really bad because we live 30 mins away from mason and there was traffic so we wasted a lot of our day.
then later on, we wanted to go to PetLand to look at the rabbits cause we really like them and we want a pet! especially this bunny cause its really cute and we love it!
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anyways so we went there to get this cute bunny (that kind of looks like Joel from Jon&Kate Plus 8), BUT THEY DIDNT HAVE ANY BUNNIES AT ALL!! so we were like …’whats going on?’! and they only had one kitten! i think they got robbed or something cause they only had dogs and birds…the animals that no1 wants. HAHA jk but cats are better.
anyways so we took the cat into the little play area and played with it. but it was like scared to death the whole time but we didnt care cause we loved it.

F*** MY LIFE!!

you’ve probably visited the FUNNIEST WEBSITE in history, F*** My Life. sometimes the posts are so hilarious you actually Laugh Out Loud.
here are my favorites:

Today, I let my friend cut my hair and after a few minutes, she looked at what she had done and then she ran out of the room, crying. FML

Today, my boyfriend and I were in Victoria’s Secret. I saw a picture of a model and said, “I wish I looked like that.” He replied with, “Me too.” FML

Today, I submitted my picture to a rating website. It was rejected because I didn’t clarify which person I was. The picture was of my dog and me. FML

Today, I found a bone in my sandwich. It was a veggie burger. FML

Today, I accidentally unplugged my headphones in the quiet section of the library, causing my music to play from my laptop at full volume. I was listening to Celine Dion. I’m the captain of the football team. FML

ahaha hope you guys enjoyed those. when something interesting happens to me, i’ll post it. but for now…FML.


More Funny Yahoo Questions

lol some people just do not know what kinds of questions to ask… haha these are so funnny 🙂

okay #1:

wanna im me?
my sn is peacexitsxanna
add me!
please don’t be a crazy person though…
xD no predators either! lmao okay

okay #2:

is it ok to look at boy’s butts. there are some very cute boys at my school and i like to look at their butts, is this weird or bad?

okay #3:

Has the monopoly man ever…touched you inappropriately??!!??

okay #4:

The Devil Just Made an Offer for My Soul
I have just been offered $500 for my soul and i’m wondering:
a) should i accept?
b) should i tell him to shove it up his @SS
c) should i bargain for more money and a girl?

hope you enjoyed these as much as i did!!!

love is in the air….sort of

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lol this is i felt!! (i’m batman, of course).
anyways so fatima and i were at best buy just walking around after having lunch at chipotle (i was craving it so badly!). first we looked at phones. and i really really love the verizon voyager…whatever
and then we start looking at the cameras cause we LOVE cameras.
we hear a man say ‘mashaAllah’ like 10 times in a row and i didnt really notice at first but after a while it was like…wtf?? is he talking to us/about us?? so he actually kind of blocks our way and starts speaking arabic!! i dont speak arabic so i like stepped aside and let fatima do the talking. haha so anyways (fatima told me everything after) it went like this:

man: hey where are you guys from?
fatima: i’m from palestine
man: ohhh mashaAllah, mashaAllah! how old are you??
fatima: …… … . . ..16
man: oh do you have sisters??
fatima: yeah
man: how old are they?
fatima: 21 and 19
man: okay i want to marry them
fatima: haha (awkward laugh)…umm NO they’re married. (they’re not married)
man: ohh okay i want to marry you. by the time i get my citizenship you’ll be old enough for us to get married. (oh, thats cool)
fatima: haha no im engaged
man: okay i want to marry her (ABOUT ME)
fatima: haha NO shes engaged
and fatima pulled me away and we kind of ran.
lool i was like umm..ahuh..NO. SECURRRRITTYYY!! he was sooo creeeepppyyy! so after we were done getting proprosed to, fatima had to use the bathroom so we went and when we came out we saw the man with some other girl trying the same thing probably!! haha it was soo sketchh like we needed to get some help from the geek squad or nerd herd or whatever they’re called!! we were in DANGERR.

BOTTOM LINE: kids, never talk to strangers because you might end up marrying a sketchy man. and be careful at best buy!! you might be looking for a new laptop, but someone else might be looking for a WIFE!!


Valentine’s Day

JUST ANOTHER HALLMARK HOLIDAY, which is extremely annoying. People are probably going to assume that only single people hate valentine’s day. not true. it’s just an excuse for girls to get gifts from their significant others. i had a bunch of guy customers complaining yesterday about having to buy gifts for their girls; they don’t believe valentine’s day should be acknowledged. trueee dattt. if you love someone then you can tell them everyday; not once a year!  surprise flowers and candy on random days are better than planned ones on valentine’s day. so that’s my rant for the day. .but for those of you who are really into valentine’s day then i hope it was greatt!

but i did enjoy a great dinner with my mom and sister! love them