The first time I went to Colorado, I hated it. I was there for a week on business, and there were literally three blizzards during my stay. I remember eating every single meal in the hotel for about 4 days straight. Not the most enjoyable experience. But ya know what? You make the most of it. I met the Muslim community and found some of the most dedicated and aspiring young people of all the places I’ve been. Before the blizzards, I attended some programs they had put on for Black History Month, and I was really impressed by how diverse and accepting the community is. I’ll share some photos eventually of Minkailu and my adventures in trekking through the blizzard but for now, a photo of summer:
from our ride up to Mt. Estes earlier this year – Abdullah, Nunu and I

Colorado is SO BEAUTIFUL. Living in California really makes me miss the greenery I was blessed with in Virginia my whole life, so it was nice to see such lush hills and mountains, and rivers and creeks flowing nearby. This trip was a vast change from the weather and conditions I experienced on my past trip. I can’t wait to continue exploring the next time around 🙂 I don’t think I’ll go back in the winter unless there’s a 4-wheel drive car available at the car rental!

my blog rules

I love looking back at my blog posts and seeing where my mind was at at different points in my life. I’ve grown so much, but still some things never change.

tip – music can make all the difference in your day. today, I recommend Marina and the Diamonds – I am not a Robot.

side note: i love andrew ward. ride or die.

Her Name is Kedest

her name is Kedest and she distracts me from every bad thing in this world.
her free spirit is a reminder of the importance of each moment and the insignificance of tomorrow while today is young with arms wide open, inviting.
Kedest is an Ethiopian name meaning “Saint” or “Holy” and today she reminded me of forgiveness in a way that was so relevant to me and looked so easy for her but forgiveness is anything but.
she made me lunch and we sat and talked, and it was so much better than sitting side by side in front of a big screen playing a movie that neither of us would remember but we’ll remember this.
we, as friends, are so many things. we are Richmond, we would say, we are strong, we are unusual, we are crazy, hazardous maybe, we are today, we are…
compelled to push one another to reach all of the potential that we harness now, and raise ceilings and break down walls, and we’re young but we’re good.
we were put in each other’s life to share a smile and a laugh, a healthy meal and an unplanned personal ad.
Kedest, thank you.