finding my niche

Hello my dear friends,
I’m sorry to see that it’s been so long. I’ve become less obsessed with the online world, but maybe more fascinated by the sociology surrounding it, and have spent most of my time trying to be productive and figure out what my purpose in life is.

I’m caught in this limbo, and it sucks. I’m between childhood and the entire life that’s ahead of me, and I can’t seem to figure out what I’m destined to do. I’m passionate about so many different things, and I’m equally as good (or bad, probably) at each thing that I do. I don’t excel too much at anything, although I would consider myself good at social work and providing services to the oppressed.. I mean… I studied it for four years, hopefully that’s the case.

What kinds of things are you passionate about? What do you aspire to be? Have you known since you were five, or did you have an epiphany on your 35th birthday?

I can’t help but compare myself to and envy those who knew since they were five. But I do consider myself so fortunate to be able to take the time and try things out, because a lot of people aren’t given this opportunity. Alhumdulillah, always. I have to try and remember patience.

Hopefully I’ll be writing a lot more. I want to learn about website design and become more advanced at HTML. It’s funnnn 🙂



hiii friends, I’m back! 🙂
it’s been a while, but I think it’s time I get back into my blogging phase. i loved blogging, and this year I just kind of lost it while in school…
but now that I’m officially an alum (CRAZY!!!)… I think I can make some time for pinkgingerale. Besides, I need an excuse to write now that I’m not going to be doing it for class.
so far my summer has consisted of hosting visiting family, attending a graduation in New York, volunteering at my sister’s second grade class, and hanging out at home. I don’t mind too much. Today I was working on some resume stuff and searching for local opportunities to intern, volunteer, and hopefully work. JOB HUNTING IS TOUGH. Who knew!?
I guess I could use my unemployment period to be catching up on Downton Abbey, but I just want to organize my belongings, exercise, and garden. I mean, I haven’t done much of any of those yet, but hey! Intentions count for something, right?
Organizing is probably the hardest thing. After four years of staying at college and really only living out of a suitcase during summer break, I have a LOT to organize. Plus, since Samirah became a Nabbus I got her old room and so there was just a lot of sorting to be done.

Anyway, check out this cute dress I got from Need Supply Co that was mad expensive but I won a $50 gift card from a graduation party and violaaa! The result is stylish.