The Grandest of Canyons

a few days ago i took a short trip to the Grand Canyon. how crazy is that to be able to say?

Minkailu and i spontaneously drove up from Phoenix after work, took a short hike down Bright Angel Trail in the wrong shoes and just stared out into the never-ending twists and turns of the canyon imagining what kind of life the valley below held.

looking into the canyon gives you such a strange feeling. your eyes can’t quite take in the magnificent views. it seems almost 2-D with all of the sediment layers and the extensive depth. if you have the chance, this is a site worth seeing in person.

we had a difficult but doable hike back up to the top and we walked over to a look-off point to see the sunset, an indicator of iftar. not too long after i squeezed through the crowds to sit on the ground by the edge did we start to see lightning in a distant thunder storm. it was incredible to say the least. everyone was oohing and aahing at the intense strikes of lightning and counting the seconds between thunder.

yep, that’s a rainstorm.
the sun finally set and we made our way back to the car while downing water and chomping on delicious beef jerky, as the storm grew closer.
alhumdulillah. i’ve now experienced the canyon twice. the first was with my family on a cross-country road trip. next time i’ll hike down to the valley and explore for longer than a few hours, inshallah!
side note: i should really start using my camera. excuse the quality of my phone pics. no photo could do the canyon justice anyway πŸ˜› hope you’ll have the chance to visit!

Once Upon a Ramadan

Summertime, Ramadan shine.

I’m really hoping to stay on top of reading Quran and becoming more knowledgable about our deen. Being at my internship, Islamic Relief, and being surrounded by other spiritual people during the Holy Month will be a very nice change from previous years, which I spent at school away from my family. I think people are anticipating a difficult fast because of the heat, but we have it so good compared to people in countries where A/C isn’t a known acronym. Just remember that the next time you begin to complain. Ramadan is not supposed to be difficult! It’s supposed to be pleasant. It brings us closer to God.
If you’re able, please think of donating to one of the many incredible projects by Islamic Relief by visiting You can help refugees, feed the hungry, sponsor an orphan, give water to those without, and contribute to so many more charitable acts of your choosing.
Ramadan Kareem, everyone! And may Allah (SWT) make it easy for Muslims around the world.
If you’re not Muslim and interested in learning more, let me know and I will gladly direct you to some helpful sources. Fast with me for a day! The benefits are countless.
Before I forget, I might as well include my turban trial! Summer heat definitely gets to me, as it gets to many hijabis… I tried this turban out for a wedding and despite the occasional upkeep, it was a nice change for an evening!

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So I’m kind of terrible at blogging nowadays… I’ve had RA training, and the start of school just this past week, so I’ve been a little (VERY) scatter-brained. Here’s a piece I wrote about Ramadan: link.
and I got a tumblr, but I really don’t think it will last very long… and I probably won’t use it for real writing very much either, I was just always addicted because i love designing pages and making things look cute, and I always thought tumblr pages looked so put-together πŸ™‚

so this is my real post of the day: πŸ™‚
I was sitting in Jimmy John’s early in the evening with a good friend of mine after a bike ride.
they have SUCH good tuna subs, btw.
they kept playing all of these GREAT songs. songs I hadn’t heard in too long.
and everyone knows that feeling of hearing a song and being flooded with a million memories of the times you used to listen to that song, and the people you used to spend that time with…
there’s just this trigger that’s pulled, and something else sets in.
this summer when I was at home, I didn’t see my high school friends but a few times because of internships/jobs in other states, long work hours, and vacations.
my brother was spending his weekdays working late, and my sister and brother-in-law’s apartment was a 30-minute drive away, which wasn’t so bad… but setting the table for 5 people instead of 6 is the strangest thing…
meanwhile, my younger brother continuously plays our home videos on the small tv in my old room… and now we’re all doing our own thing, and we’re all just so… grown up.
our home videos seem like they’re a hundred years old because things are just so different.
this was my first summer where I really felt like I was just ALONE. and normally I wouldn’t mind being alone because I mostly keep to myself, but to have the fact set in that nothing will ever be the way it was, SUCKS.
I hate that I probably won’t ever have a summer with all the people I love together in one place for more than a few hours at a time.
and I hate that my high school friends have scattered and that playlist that was on at Jimmy John’s was full of songs that my best friend from high school sent me FIVE whole years ago when we were just juniors…. and now everything has changed.
change is inevitable, but you can hardly prepare yourself when things just… fade.
and i’m away at school, and i feel like i’m missing so much.
i think change is the thing that i get most sad about…
β€œCertain things, they should stay the way they are. You ought to be able to stick them in one of those big glass cases and just leave them alone.” -J.D. Salinger, the Catcher in the Rye

4th year

it’s funny how when I was leaving school, I had my things packed up WELL in advance, and in the car the day before moving out…
when I’m leaving home, though… I leave all the packing until the evening prior….

…and the morning of…

i’m excited to be productive with my new internship, school work, my job as an RA, and my personal projects, and i’m super stoked about having a kitchen [and not sharing a bathroom with 40 other girls] for the first time in the three years i’ve been at school,
but i’m not at all excited to be away from family for another year…

i’m going to try my best to be a lot less anti-social than i’ve been lately..
wish me luck!


oh, and i’m not done with my Ramadan posts! oh, no. i’ve only just began! i have some drafts saved of some things i’d like to post… so they’re coming. i just need to sit at my desk in my new apartment and put some more thought into it.