love is in the air….sort of

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lol this is i felt!! (i’m batman, of course).
anyways so fatima and i were at best buy just walking around after having lunch at chipotle (i was craving it so badly!). first we looked at phones. and i really really love the verizon voyager…whatever
and then we start looking at the cameras cause we LOVE cameras.
we hear a man say ‘mashaAllah’ like 10 times in a row and i didnt really notice at first but after a while it was like…wtf?? is he talking to us/about us?? so he actually kind of blocks our way and starts speaking arabic!! i dont speak arabic so i like stepped aside and let fatima do the talking. haha so anyways (fatima told me everything after) it went like this:

man: hey where are you guys from?
fatima: i’m from palestine
man: ohhh mashaAllah, mashaAllah! how old are you??
fatima: …… … . . ..16
man: oh do you have sisters??
fatima: yeah
man: how old are they?
fatima: 21 and 19
man: okay i want to marry them
fatima: haha (awkward laugh)…umm NO they’re married. (they’re not married)
man: ohh okay i want to marry you. by the time i get my citizenship you’ll be old enough for us to get married. (oh, thats cool)
fatima: haha no im engaged
man: okay i want to marry her (ABOUT ME)
fatima: haha NO shes engaged
and fatima pulled me away and we kind of ran.
lool i was like umm..ahuh..NO. SECURRRRITTYYY!! he was sooo creeeepppyyy! so after we were done getting proprosed to, fatima had to use the bathroom so we went and when we came out we saw the man with some other girl trying the same thing probably!! haha it was soo sketchh like we needed to get some help from the geek squad or nerd herd or whatever they’re called!! we were in DANGERR.

BOTTOM LINE: kids, never talk to strangers because you might end up marrying a sketchy man. and be careful at best buy!! you might be looking for a new laptop, but someone else might be looking for a WIFE!!