Insight from a Friend

If you put all of your heart and soul into a relationship and that relationship ends, don’t feel like you’ve wasted time or energy. You showed someone love because that’s who you are. You’re someone who wants to make your loved ones happy, and that reveals beauty within you. Regardless of the reasons for the distance between you and a loved one, you should feel good about what you offered and shared with another human being. 

There are people who can’t express love, and then there’s you.


Heartbreak is a very physical pain. It’s opposite of the feeling you get when butterflies take over your chest as you fall in love, but heartbreak has a hint of familiarity. All of the butterflies in your chest that stayed with you for so long begin to push up against your throat. Your throat aches, and it’s a very familiar feeling. The same feeling you got when you were so happy in love, so head over heels that you wanted to cry. But it’s not just a feeling and the butterflies escape as tears and you can’t stop crying because you loved when those butterflies took over your body and sent chills down your spine.

Love ends just as quickly as it begins.
I don’t even know the lifespan of a butterfly because they always escape before I have the chance to say goodbye.

DC Mipsterz | A Very Mipsterz Xmas

Saturday Night –

Tamana is a makeup GURU; God bless her.
Tamana, my partner in crime & meee
took complete advantage of the penthouse restrooms, and we don’t care
Don’t let that smile fool you
oh, you didn’t know? locker rooms are FUN.
oxford rules: selfie
I RSVP’d to two parties in one night… UGLY SWEATERS, no curfews, graduations, and high school reunions
Mipsterz isn’t really about anything too crazy, for those interested. Tamana and I walked into the room not knowing ANYONE. We didn’t see a single familiar face. It really didn’t matter for long… we were up and socializing and snacking on delicious sweets, and really just getting to know a bunch of really great people. Everyone was so openminded and to me, that’s what a real Mipster is. Mipster isn’t about the way you dress, or about your social status. It’s about who you are and how willing you are to let your real self shine. It’s so important to be an individual and to be comfortable in your own skin. We need to start supporting our community members and making some REAL progress in introducing Islam to those who don’t yet know about it. How can we do that if we’re too busy bashing one another within our own faith?? Seems ridiculous when I write it down… Seems completely counterproductive. Let’s focus on what’s important, and have a little fun while we’re at it. Open your mind, extend your hand, and be YOU.


How would you deal with knowing that no matter how much of your heart you’re willing to give to another person, you’ll never get the same amount of love from them in return?

What if they’ve chosen you to be their other half, but that amount of love is just impossible for them to share, with you or with anyone else?


hiii friends, I’m back! 🙂
it’s been a while, but I think it’s time I get back into my blogging phase. i loved blogging, and this year I just kind of lost it while in school…
but now that I’m officially an alum (CRAZY!!!)… I think I can make some time for pinkgingerale. Besides, I need an excuse to write now that I’m not going to be doing it for class.
so far my summer has consisted of hosting visiting family, attending a graduation in New York, volunteering at my sister’s second grade class, and hanging out at home. I don’t mind too much. Today I was working on some resume stuff and searching for local opportunities to intern, volunteer, and hopefully work. JOB HUNTING IS TOUGH. Who knew!?
I guess I could use my unemployment period to be catching up on Downton Abbey, but I just want to organize my belongings, exercise, and garden. I mean, I haven’t done much of any of those yet, but hey! Intentions count for something, right?
Organizing is probably the hardest thing. After four years of staying at college and really only living out of a suitcase during summer break, I have a LOT to organize. Plus, since Samirah became a Nabbus I got her old room and so there was just a lot of sorting to be done.

Anyway, check out this cute dress I got from Need Supply Co that was mad expensive but I won a $50 gift card from a graduation party and violaaa! The result is stylish.

4th year

it’s funny how when I was leaving school, I had my things packed up WELL in advance, and in the car the day before moving out…
when I’m leaving home, though… I leave all the packing until the evening prior….

…and the morning of…

i’m excited to be productive with my new internship, school work, my job as an RA, and my personal projects, and i’m super stoked about having a kitchen [and not sharing a bathroom with 40 other girls] for the first time in the three years i’ve been at school,
but i’m not at all excited to be away from family for another year…

i’m going to try my best to be a lot less anti-social than i’ve been lately..
wish me luck!


oh, and i’m not done with my Ramadan posts! oh, no. i’ve only just began! i have some drafts saved of some things i’d like to post… so they’re coming. i just need to sit at my desk in my new apartment and put some more thought into it.