Brothers ’til the End of Time: A Brief History

This is Ben.
Ben is my best friend.

Ben and I have been friends since we took a Spanish class together our sophomore year of high school. One day we added each other on AIM, and the rest is history! We’ve remained close since then despite being told that all friendships fade as you grow older. When we were juniors, we were lucky enough to have had English together, and sat in the back and spent the whole period laughing. We obsessed over Harry Potter and casted spells on our AP Psychology teacher with our pencils (maybe that’s something that shouldn’t be publicly announced, but whatever), and Ben carried my backpack up the steps between classes because I was so out of shape. I remember one day just randomly going to his house and meeting his mom and embarrassing the crap out of him because he had never had a female friend over.

During our senior year we both bonded over not wanting to drink or smoke weed with most of our other friends, and in the summer that followed, Ben stuck by my side and helped distract me from what I considered then as heartbreak. In college we grew apart briefly but it was like old times whenever we got back in touch. He visited me at VCU, and I FINALLY visited him at CMU during my last year. Now that we’re both done with college, and over a year has passed since then, we text daily and keep each other in check when it comes to decision making. All this and he’s on the other side of the country! He’s the only guy in my life, outside of family members, who has been there for me for as long as he has. He’s literally the one person who doesn’t seem to fade; he’s a constant.

He’s one of the smartest guy I know and I’m always impressed by the things he knows or is trying to learn, and he actually takes time to explain things that are completely foreign to me, which I appreciate very much. And he’s the FUNNIEST person in the world, which I also appreciate very much! 😛
We are really N’Sync (LOL) with one another – we have both had similar things happen to us around the same time, and we’ve leaned on one another to deal with it. If he wasn’t an Atheist Jew, and I wasn’t a Muslim, we agreed that we would totally be married right now. That being said, if you want this handsome guy to be yours, hit me up. All interested parties must be screened by me.
Thank you, Ben, for always being there for me.. and for just being you. You’re the BEST BEST BEST.