DC Cupcake & Macaron Tour

Earlier this summer my friends and I made the AMAZING decision to take a tour in Georgetown, DC… Not just any tour… a Cupcake and Macaron tour! It was delicious to say the least. We enjoyed learning little bit about the history of the old city of Georgetown, and tasting the newest trends – which were REALLY delicious. We went to 7 different places and my favorite of all was the Earl Grey macaron from Macaron Bee. To learn more about this experience, click here.

Meeting up for the DC Cupcake and Macaron Tour – Hungry, and so ready!

First stop – SPRINKLES Cupcakes!

At Thomas Sweet we stuffed our faces with amazing fudge

a sweet tooth satisfied makes for smiles all around

Macaron Bee! This was the first macaron I’ve ever tried… and it was amazing. I decided to try Earl Grey because it was such a unique flavor for a dessert, and it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made in life.

Olivia Macaron

a mint flavored macaron? Yes, please.

We were given a sweet welcome at the famous Dean & Deluca

The Nation’s Capital!

Yes, please! (except no, because we were stuffed with sweets at this point)

Naema and Nabiha trying to figure out a (real food) lunch spot

being serenaded while walking down the street… what a privilege!

The infamous Georgetown Cupcakes from the TV show. The line was out of the shop and up the hill as it always is, but our tour guide rushed in and got our batch, which we quickly devoured on this last stop of the tour.

ending the afternoon with the best of foods – BURGERS.

PinkGingerale’s Top 5 of the Year

I have the honor of knowing an amazing friend who just so happens to love blogging just as much as I do, and this year for New Years, we decided to guest post. Here’s to good friends, blogging, life, and love; here’s to Anfal Adam of Geek & Chiq!

A Year in Review: Pinkgingerale’s 2013 through the eyes of another 
I have been so fortunate to know Anisah for a really long time now, and I am honored to call her one of my close friends. It was so so hard trying to pick only 5 posts; there are so many amazing ones to choose from. Anisah, the way you write about your experiences, your thoughts, and your journey is truly beautiful and inspirational. You write in a way that allows your reader to connect with you and to see what a truly beautiful, smart and kind soul you are. As a new blogger, its so interesting to me that this form of social media is a way to trace your thoughts and to see how your thought process has developed over time. Anisah, I love that you have a vision. You know what you love, you may not know what you want to do, but that will undoubtedly come with time. 
This post resonated with me 10000%. We are a point in our lives where we are given so many options and it’s hard to narrow down who we are and what we are ‘meant’ to do or be. Yes it may be daunting and a bit annoying to feel lost, but it is also beautiful in a way. Not everyone can say that for a period in their life they just explored: that they had the freedom and the opportunity to see what they are passionate about and move forward with it. That is truly something to be envious of.  I think we should cherish these ‘lost’ moments because such periods of freedom might not come again. As someone who has known you for many years know, I am more than confident that you will do some amazing things, that you will find your niche and conquer it, that you will excel tremendously in whatever you choose to do because you are unique, passionate, loving and a hard working. The world needs to get ready for A-Khan 😉 
Allah Yar7amo (May he rest in peace). From the way you describe him, he seems like someone worth knowing, someone truly inspirational and someone who his Lord wanted back. I don’t even know what to say regarding this post, all I know is that I loved reading it, and it almost brought me to tears. The way you intertwined the book excerpts tied everything together so beautifully and left a lasting impact. It’s such an important thing to remember: it is not how long you live, but its how you live. It’s the impact you leave when you go. How you will be remembered. Young people tend to feel invincible and forget that death does not have an age limit.  Its important for each of us to reflect on how we are living and how we want to improve. I read this thing that said you die multiple times, and the last time you die is when someone utters your name for the last time. Will they be remembering the good or the bad? May Allah bless us all and lead us to the most righteous path.
Anisah, darling, you are truly hilarious! You have such an interesting way of perceiving the world. In all the times I have done self-checkout, I never once noticed these details. Something I love about your writing style is you can take something that can get very heated and very political very quickly, into something comical but with a lasting effect. Yes, I laughed reading this post, but it also made me think about stereotypes and how Muslims are judged in such an effortless way, in a way that doesn’t ostracize anyone. Wonderful! 
This discussion was such a good one! We live in a society that worships youth and forsakes age. We forget that age equals wisdom, experience, and respect. Yes being young is beautiful, but being old is also beautiful. There are some societies that value and honor age in such ways that it deserves, but sadly our society is not one of those. It’s sad to see 40, 50, 60, even 70 year olds (men and women) holding on to their 20s for dear life, trying to avoid moving forward and wanting to be perceived as this young and vibrant thing though some heinous procedures. It is as though they see it as a lifeline to remain part of society, without it are they afraid they will be cast away? The message that you want to pass on to your kids is beautiful and something I think should be engrained in our society, not this need to always be perfect and dolled up. Like you said, forever young is over rated! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for my 30s.
Can I just say I am OBSESSED with your entire look!! MashAllah gorgeous! Your make up is On Point (but you are a naturally gorgeous girl so you don’t even need it). I love the casual chic look. The blazer and the scarf tie the whole outfit together effortlessly. I have probably said this enough but I LOVE how a turban looks on you, especially this style, it just works girl! I know you don’t like dressing up and all that jazz, but mashAllah you have the grace to rock sweatpants or a ball gown and look beautiful in both! I love the description you have because it really showcases the type of person you are! Anisah, you can walk into a room full of complete strangers and light it up. You have the power to converse with anyone and make them feel as though they have known you for years. mashAllah that is something I love about you!
It was so hard reviewing a years worth of amazing posts, and I don’t know if I did it justice, but I will say it was such an honor. As someone who encouraged me to start my own blog, you are truly an inspiration! I love your spirit and I hope it continues to shine bright in your blog! Keep writing, because I know we are all anxious to read more 😉
I love you and I wish you all the best darling!
Visit her blog & show your support! I love you Anfal!