a warm gun

i’m so happy right now.
i want this feeling to last foreverrr.

my new place is perfect, the people here are perfect.
today i laughed until i cried… and i’m not talking about just watery eyes, i’m talking about the freaking Niagara Falls.
this usually only happens when I’m at my sister’s house and she’s doing this really awkward hilarious dance in her closet while picking out clothes. it’s so strange, i love it. her husband thinks we’re weirdos. which makes it even funnier…
Mariella and I were trying on these cut-out paper mustaches that I made, and random people in the room were laughing and it was making us laugh, and the mustaches would fly off, and we could only keep them there for a second before they flew away, which made us laugh even more…
and then the waterworks started, and i was drawing so much attention to myself because of my high-pitched giggly voice and Kyle was next to me pointing out that my tears were pouring down like he’s never seen, and it was like he was talking to the entire room and the whole thing was just hilarious to me. And Mariella kept turning to me and laughing harder because of how ridiculous I was, and that only made me laugh more.

that was a terrible story.
i’m a terrible story teller.

but I don’t care; i’m really happy right now.