Motherhood is ELECTRIC.
The moment I found out I was carrying a life within me I was awe struck and everything in my life shifted. It was the start of motherhood. Nine months later childbirth experience was full of energy, of chaos. An emergency c-section came unexpectedly after hours of pushing. Recovery from the surgery and the journey through breastfeeding dealt me the most pain I had ever endured. But it didn’t matter to me. I pushed through because the single most important thing in my life became my child.
Being face to face and skin to skin with my  little Sufyan for the first time gave me a jolt unlike any I had ever experienced. He was beautiful! He was perfect! Alhumdulillah, there could never be enough thanks given to God for Sufyan’s presence in my life.
If that wasn’t electrifying enough, nurturing and raising a whole other person full-time certainly is. Being fortunate enough to stay at home full time with Sufyan has taught me a great deal about myself as a mom and a woman. Becoming a mom has given me an entirely unique perspective on my relationship with my mom, and a newfound appreciation for all the love she has given me since my own birth.
The one thing I will always do my very best to instill in my little man is self-love. If he can love who he is and recognize that he can do anything, he will certainly be able to love  others, live responsibly, care for this earth, and do something good every day to make the world a better place.
Sufyan has a meaning in Persian; a walking thunderstorm. Since he creates the thunder, motherhood has to be the lightening . I hope to always show him the light in a rainstorm.

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