Selfie Nana

My sister’s conversation with my grandma:

“Me: Nana, let’s take a picture. (With cell phone) 
Nana: oh how do you get it right away? 
Me: it’s technology today. It takes the photo right away. 
Nana: ohh isn’t that interesting. You could just take pictures of yourself all the time. 
Me: yes, it’s called a selfie. People take pictures of themselves all the time! 
Nana: take a picture of the girl over there.” 

Insight from a Friend

If you put all of your heart and soul into a relationship and that relationship ends, don’t feel like you’ve wasted time or energy. You showed someone love because that’s who you are. You’re someone who wants to make your loved ones happy, and that reveals beauty within you. Regardless of the reasons for the distance between you and a loved one, you should feel good about what you offered and shared with another human being. 

There are people who can’t express love, and then there’s you.


Heartbreak is a very physical pain. It’s opposite of the feeling you get when butterflies take over your chest as you fall in love, but heartbreak has a hint of familiarity. All of the butterflies in your chest that stayed with you for so long begin to push up against your throat. Your throat aches, and it’s a very familiar feeling. The same feeling you got when you were so happy in love, so head over heels that you wanted to cry. But it’s not just a feeling and the butterflies escape as tears and you can’t stop crying because you loved when those butterflies took over your body and sent chills down your spine.

Love ends just as quickly as it begins.
I don’t even know the lifespan of a butterfly because they always escape before I have the chance to say goodbye.