sometimes I feel like I should put more effort into what I wear…
but then I think about how little I take note of what others wear, and how little it impacts me.
what I wear doesn’t matter to me or anyone else, as long as I’m comfortable and I feel good about myself.

people who are fashionable, you do you! i’m awful at trying to piece together a cute outfit, but i respect you.

3 thoughts on “fashion

  1. Really? I tend to disagree…I think fashion says a lot about you. From what I have encountered with different people, their style relays a lot about certain aspects of their personality. Style can impact how others perceive you. But style is also personal style, its what you choose to wear, it should not be some established system of what is deemed stylish and what isn't.


  2. Anfal, I agree with you and I do think a first impression is important, and how you carry yourself is important, but I'm so bad at putting cute things together that it's not something I could ever be passionate about. If I was stylish like YOU, I would totally love it and I would take advantage of it. But I'm so bad at choosing my clothes that it ends up being a hassle trying to look nice all the time and I've started to care less about it. I'm such a hopeless case. LOL


  3. salam hey the photos! streetstyle always cool lahh~ btw yup i love fashion and always draw to wear more like those fashionista but ended up i hate messy accessories, i hate blazers on a sunny , i hate belt clinching my waist so ended i always wear something less casual n yup COMFORTABLE! haha


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