How would you deal with knowing that no matter how much of your heart you’re willing to give to another person, you’ll never get the same amount of love from them in return?

What if they’ve chosen you to be their other half, but that amount of love is just impossible for them to share, with you or with anyone else?


sometimes I feel like I should put more effort into what I wear…
but then I think about how little I take note of what others wear, and how little it impacts me.
what I wear doesn’t matter to me or anyone else, as long as I’m comfortable and I feel good about myself.

people who are fashionable, you do you! i’m awful at trying to piece together a cute outfit, but i respect you.

all about me

I’m lost and I’m the only person who can find me.

It’s taking forever. Nothing seems productive. Guilt is bringing me down. I’ve become this extremely anxious girl who has lost her cape and found gravity. I was never like this! What happened to my free spirit and invincibility!? I can’t even ask for advice or help because I’m the only person who can help me. I need to put my “big girl pants” on, put my past behind me, become independent again, make decisions, forgive, motivate, and challenge myself. And lastly, I need to reach for the stars. And among the stars is where I’ll find myself.

But for now, I’m lost.