Once Upon a Ramadan

Summertime, Ramadan shine.

I’m really hoping to stay on top of reading Quran and becoming more knowledgable about our deen. Being at my internship, Islamic Relief, and being surrounded by other spiritual people during the Holy Month will be a very nice change from previous years, which I spent at school away from my family. I think people are anticipating a difficult fast because of the heat, but we have it so good compared to people in countries where A/C isn’t a known acronym. Just remember that the next time you begin to complain. Ramadan is not supposed to be difficult! It’s supposed to be pleasant. It brings us closer to God.
If you’re able, please think of donating to one of the many incredible projects by Islamic Relief by visiting http://www.islamicrelief.org. You can help refugees, feed the hungry, sponsor an orphan, give water to those without, and contribute to so many more charitable acts of your choosing.
Ramadan Kareem, everyone! And may Allah (SWT) make it easy for Muslims around the world.
If you’re not Muslim and interested in learning more, let me know and I will gladly direct you to some helpful sources. Fast with me for a day! The benefits are countless.
Before I forget, I might as well include my turban trial! Summer heat definitely gets to me, as it gets to many hijabis… I tried this turban out for a wedding and despite the occasional upkeep, it was a nice change for an evening!

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