4th year

it’s funny how when I was leaving school, I had my things packed up WELL in advance, and in the car the day before moving out…
when I’m leaving home, though… I leave all the packing until the evening prior….

…and the morning of…

i’m excited to be productive with my new internship, school work, my job as an RA, and my personal projects, and i’m super stoked about having a kitchen [and not sharing a bathroom with 40 other girls] for the first time in the three years i’ve been at school,
but i’m not at all excited to be away from family for another year…

i’m going to try my best to be a lot less anti-social than i’ve been lately..
wish me luck!


oh, and i’m not done with my Ramadan posts! oh, no. i’ve only just began! i have some drafts saved of some things i’d like to post… so they’re coming. i just need to sit at my desk in my new apartment and put some more thought into it.

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