a warm gun

i’m so happy right now.
i want this feeling to last foreverrr.

my new place is perfect, the people here are perfect.
today i laughed until i cried… and i’m not talking about just watery eyes, i’m talking about the freaking Niagara Falls.
this usually only happens when I’m at my sister’s house and she’s doing this really awkward hilarious dance in her closet while picking out clothes. it’s so strange, i love it. her husband thinks we’re weirdos. which makes it even funnier…
Mariella and I were trying on these cut-out paper mustaches that I made, and random people in the room were laughing and it was making us laugh, and the mustaches would fly off, and we could only keep them there for a second before they flew away, which made us laugh even more…
and then the waterworks started, and i was drawing so much attention to myself because of my high-pitched giggly voice and Kyle was next to me pointing out that my tears were pouring down like he’s never seen, and it was like he was talking to the entire room and the whole thing was just hilarious to me. And Mariella kept turning to me and laughing harder because of how ridiculous I was, and that only made me laugh more.

that was a terrible story.
i’m a terrible story teller.

but I don’t care; i’m really happy right now.

4th year

it’s funny how when I was leaving school, I had my things packed up WELL in advance, and in the car the day before moving out…
when I’m leaving home, though… I leave all the packing until the evening prior….

…and the morning of…

i’m excited to be productive with my new internship, school work, my job as an RA, and my personal projects, and i’m super stoked about having a kitchen [and not sharing a bathroom with 40 other girls] for the first time in the three years i’ve been at school,
but i’m not at all excited to be away from family for another year…

i’m going to try my best to be a lot less anti-social than i’ve been lately..
wish me luck!


oh, and i’m not done with my Ramadan posts! oh, no. i’ve only just began! i have some drafts saved of some things i’d like to post… so they’re coming. i just need to sit at my desk in my new apartment and put some more thought into it.

a friend of mine changed her status on FB earlier…

“someone from Somalia asked a scholar,

‘is our fast valid if there is no suhoor and no iftar?'”

be appreciative of all that you have, and be sure to devote much of your time to those who are less fortunate.
and remember the nations experiencing droughts and food shortages in your prayers!

Food for Thought: Hydration

Maher Hathout was such an inspirational man. When I visited him in Hollywood as part of a discussion on identifying as an American-Muslim, I wanted to write down EVERYTHING he said. And I practically did, all on an old bank envelope, the only paper I had with me.
Anyway, that’s just some food for thought… since we can’t have real food ๐Ÿ™‚
I hope everyone’s fast is easy and rewarding insha’Allah!
For more inspiration by Maher Hathout, visit his Facebook page, here.

Ramadan Kareem!

I got the idea from MPAC‘s Young Leaders Summit coordinator Yasmin Hussein to keep a blog about my experience this Ramadan. A bunch of the attendees of the three summits got the conversation rolling via e-mail, and we’ve decided to keep an American Muslim blog (with maybe a Canadian or two (;) about our experience during this holy month. Every year the site http://www.boston.com puts out a photo article called The Big Picture covering Ramadan around the world. I always saw these as beautiful photos and I was thankful that Islam was being shown around the world, but it was brought to my attention that the stories of Muslims aren’t being told by Muslims. Where do you read about the American Muslims? I was featured in a local newspaper last year about my experience, but I don’t feel like we were represented as well as we could have been (article). So our objective was to share our personal stories of how we fast. Each of us are from different parts of the US, and we each experience the days of Ramadan differently. To tell our story as best as we can, Yasmin divided the days amongst us, and we will be blogging throughout the month (link can be found via MPAC site).

Another initiative to share stories about our experiences is Breakfast at Night. Upload personal photos that you’ve taken during Ramadan and create new traditions amongst fellow Muslims. This is actually a really cool project, and I think that it’s as beneficial for Muslims as it is for everyone else! It’s like a looking glass into our world, which is -believe it or not- a very curious thing to someone who is unfamiliar with Islam.

Anyway, those are two cool things going on this month, among many others I’m sure.
I haven’t done this before, but I intend on blogging about my experiences and new things that I come across. I plan on spending my days in reflection and really getting the most out of this holy month as I can. I don’t think I talk about religion on my blog that often, but this is something personal that I would like to do, and inshaAllah we can all take something from it! I will be spending most of the month away from home, which as unfortunate as it is to be away from family, I really feel like I can get a lot out of it by being productive in reading and learning on my own. This is my first fall semester with a car on campus, so I plan on driving out to the not-so-local Masjid and praying Taraweeh every night! I think that’s the thing that I’m most excited about. Ramadan feels so strange when you have no way of getting to a mosque to pray among other Muslims who spend their days fasting like you do.

EDIT: I also found some cool sites that offer some guidance during the month:

  1. Quran with spoken English translation. I like when the translation is audio, that way I can listen and understand and I don’t have to be right in front of the computer the entire time, pausing the Arabic audio to read the English translation.
  2. Muslim Matters posts relevant lectures and good reads throughout the year, but they offer a special Ramadan series, as well as interesting opinion articles such as the recent one on the Dark Knight Dilemma.
  3. Youtube. There are about a billion videos about Ramadan and spiritual guidance. Always verify the reputability of the speaker, though. You don’t want to waste your time, and you don’t want to leave with false facts.
    “As helpful as the internet is, it could be just as hurtful when you don’t check your sources” – Abraham Lincoln (SEE!?! You never know!)
  4. Blogs. There are one and a half + billion Muslims, and it’s always nice to hear each others’ stories and know that we’re all working on the same thing. It’s a great way to give and receive support. Plus, blogs are cute and fun. Check out one of my new favorites, Ramadan Rendezvous. Look through archives of older blogs to see advice or articles from last year’s Ramadan. Ramadan lectures are almost always recyclable ๐Ÿ™‚

RAMADAN MUBARAK, EVERYONE! And InshaAllah we will all benefit greatly from this month. Take advantage of it! I have a REALLY good feeling about this.

stranger danger

I went to a BBQ party the other night, and I was half an hour late, but still the first one there -__- haha so I was sitting at the shelter bench, and this 30something-year-old man came up to me and started asking me all these questions about Muslim women.

He asked me why Muslim women are so unapproachable… after he had just approached me. I asked him if I was unapproachable, and he said yes……………. so I asked him how he approached me. He danced around the question, but was so keen on telling me over and over again that Muslims are so different from everyone else, and that it’s clear that they’re different. It was the oddest thing, but I completely understand an outsider’s curiosity. To say that Muslims are different than anyone else is just complete bull. You can’t tell what religion someone is by walking by them on the street unless they we’re obvious religious attire, which they don’t always do. He said he wanted a modest woman to marry, but Muslim women only want to marry Muslim men… He seemed to know a lot about Islam, but I hate when people say that one group of people is ALL a certain way. Like ALL Muslims are Arab, ALL Muslims are modest. Jesus’ mother Mary, or Mariam, covered herself very modestly, even according to Christian beliefs, I explained. He wasn’t disrespectful about it at all, and he seemed very interesting in hearing my perspective, which I obviously liked ๐Ÿ™‚
The BBQ was so much fun, though. I brought a camera, but I left the battery at home in the charger -___- I was so angryy. So it wasn’t recorded at all. But iA I’ll remember it. I forgot to tell the physician about my memory problem though… typical.
Strangers seem to find me VERY approachable, contrary to this guy’s apparent beliefs lmao…

But people have been pretty rude lately. Usually it doesn’t get to me, or I don’t even notice it but damn, it’s been getting to me lately.
We don’t have power, and a lot of our county doesn’t have power, so there are lines everywhere and impatient people are ever so present!
go away, all of you.