I feel especially bad-ass when I wear my purple eyeliner…
which has been quite often lately.

i’m such a mean director…
i don’t know how to get my siblings to act for me without yelling at them… 
and they’re the only people around enough for me to ask.
too many people think my dream of working with film is a joke…

i hate myself lately, for my lack of self-restraint.
i just deactivated my facebook and twitter because i spend too much time on them… i feel like that’s so sad. when i was at school, i kept my fb deactivated for most of the year because i didn’t want distractions.
now i have what seems to be an endless amount of time, which i would really love to spend with my family, but our schedules are all different and crazy and we only have the weekends together. blehh.
i miss my non-related best friends… they’re all so far away.

Funny Friendship Ecard: That moment when you hear someone else call your bestfriend their bestfriend and you are like... No.
my life

all of our summers together are over.

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