You’re the Most Incredible Thing

spending some time by a lake near the mountains after a great picnic with old and new friends.
I want to wear maxi dresses every day.
the view from our picnic was beautiful!
The Tea Bazaar in Charlottesville, VA. Such a cute little shop!
The workers that night were terribly rude, though!
Girls night with two of my loves, Doha and Anfal.
One of the many libraries at UVA… I loved them! Especially the ‘Harry Potter’ room!
Gelato shop with Zaneera & Kairshma after my finals week.
We covered that entire wall with mostly-pleasant chalk art.
baby shower for Zainab! 🙂
Amna and Mariam made this whole party happen. Kudos to them, and congrats to the mommy!
Barbequing and making s’mores on the grill after a tough semester 🙂
we’re kind of dangerous.
After three years of living on the top floor – 18th – of my residence hall,
the housing manager let a bunch of the RAs on the roof for a view of the city/campus!
Third night home, had to see my favorite friends. Lincoln being one of them 😉
These are two of my very best friends. Don’t know where I’d be without them!
Zaid can do some serious multi-tasking!

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