here comes the sun

There is almost nothing better than spending the last day of my junior year in undergrad with great company and delicious Thai food (Pad See Eew, Panang Curry). Thai iced tea is my most favorite drink in the entire world.
I know nothing about basketball (Celtics Jersey), except of course for my own university’s team.
via Shiza’s iPhone 🙂
I also got to spend the past few days after my finals with some of the families that I interned with. The children are so sweet and I’m so thankful to play even the smallest part in their lives. All we’ve done is paint pictures, paint faces, get in touch with their loved ones back home (central America & the Caribbean), celebrate a mother’s birthday, put together puzzles, discuss Obama’s local presence, and pamper the mothers by painting their nails, among other things. It has been so nice to relax and spend time with them before they head home to their countries, and before I head home to where I’ve left my whole heart; my family.
I feel so accomplished with all that I’ve done this past year, even though it wasn’t my favorite. I hardly spent any time with friends, but I was so involved on-campus and in the community, and I was MUCH more motivated in school somehow, and for all of that I am thankful. I’m completely determined to make this summer, and every season after it, the best times of my life;; complete with friends and family, who are the only ones who could make my seasons so.


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