Help, I’m alive.

  Women and men alike should watch this complete documentary. I especially recommend this for parents. It’s sad to see how misrepresented we are in this male-dominated society. Really. And I honestly felt even better about covering up (hijab) because I’m disgusted with how women are seen as objects. I know that this isn’t a new issue, but it’s something that I’ve been reminded of and after viewing this documentary tonight, I feel a new sense of empowerment and I hope to be a role model for other girls to become more comfortable in their skin and to pay less attention to societal expectations of them.
  Girls, young women, and adults should take leadership roles in their communities and educate others about the issue at hand. Even doing something as little as stopping someone when they say something that is degrading to women, whether it’s guys talking about girls, or girls talking about other girls. Girls are VERY tough on girls, and that’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked. This isn’t something that affects one person; this is something that every woman and man is dealing with, whether they know it or not. This is today’s society, and although it’s hard to escape the ideology set in place right now, I feel strongly about the near future with more motivated, educated, and strong women stepping into leadership roles.

One thought on “Help, I’m alive.

  1. That's one of the saddest and most alarming videos I've watched. A lot of it makes clear why some women, despite being intellectuals and doing better than men, don't get appreciated. Because media keeps them trapped in these 'roles' that do nothing but treat them as objects. That particular part about Sarah Palin being asked about her speculated breast implants was a reality check. We like Palin, or not like Palin, does not matter here, but when qualification of this woman boils down to this, it just makes me angry. Which reminds me, few years back Hillary Clinton ended up baking cookies as a part of her campaign. That was nothing but a gender card she had to play to prove that she is 'womanly' enough to bake cookies yet take part in politics.

    LOL I said so much but it really hurts me when I see these things happening as I've face the same too. Everyone must watch this documentary.


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