there aren’t too many things I love more than photography
both looking at photos, and creating my own.

happy new year.
my 2012 started off right. i’m hoping this feeling will lasttt, last, lasssstt forever. i don’t know how my parents weren’t the slightest bit phased by me coming home at 4am after spending new years out with friends. i reaallyy lost track of time.

this year will be documented through mucho mucho photos. if only I can get my hands on a new camera.
i feel bad for not having taken many photos this fall. i’m never going to remember it. maybe that’s a good thing, though. not much really happened, and i didn’t like it all that much either.
i guess i’ll pick and choose what i want to remember 🙂 muahaha.

the best part about having a terrible memory (after being able to reread and relive Harry Potter many times over with just as much excitement as in the first read because I can’t remember any details) is forgetting the silly problems that I’ve had and being more care-free about things.

the worst thing is that photos are my only way of remembering a good time. and although pictures speak a thousand words, i need far more than a thousand words to be in that moment again, reliving the high of being happy, just as i experienced it when the photo was taken.

i was thinking about it earlier today, that i’ve been blessed with so many things. it’s so easy to not worry about the petty things when you think about all the great things in life. especially being at home for this break, although i’ve spent more time out than i have in, i’m starting to get impatient about graduating college and moving back in with my family. weird, i know. i just appreciate them so much.

i’m steering far, far away from where i began with this. but that’s what happens in blog posts anyway, isn’t it?

goodnight, everyone. i hope none of you have to wake up at 5am to go to work today like i do. no, i love work. i love that the money i’m saving will one day take me to a far away place where i can just breathe and take it all in, and capture it all in photos. i only wish i had gone to sleep earlier…


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  1. Thanks for the vivt on my blog! I really love photography a,d learning about it. I'm currently studying it as part of my art history class and I love it even more!



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