Mountains Beyond Mountains

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Kairshma and I decided we needed to go hiking. We chose a challenging trail, packed our backpacks, and headed to the mountains.
long narrow road on our way to the mountains 🙂
walking down the road to the foot of Old Rag Mountain with Kairshma
let the climbing begin. It was hiking all of the way, then when we got towards the top, there was a lot of climbing
All those trips to the rock-climbing wall in our gym definitely paid off 😉
a 5 mile hike up, my first time climbing a mountain
we picnicked with our bagged Panera lunches on the big rocks at the top 🙂 IT WAS SO COLD.
Kairshma and I met this really cool guy when we got to the mountain.
We actually hiked a lot of the way with him and he told us all these stories about his life. He’s done so many things, and I think he’s fulfilling all of his dreams, one at a time. He’s worked so many different jobs and he’s in school again to try his hand at even more!
“Climb a Mountain” is now crossed off my bucket list. It had been forever since I really hiked and it was such a great feeling to just take a weekend off and enjoy a nice trip to the mountains. Next time, we’re camping. I haven’t been in years and I’m dying to rent some tents and head back to the mountains.
It was really challenging, but SO worth it. I burned 2195 that day. I feel accomplished.
Wanna visit Old Rag Mountain and become a mountaineer like me? DO IT.

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