I like my name.

I went to Sal’s for dinner the other night and saw all these lovely ladies that I haven’t seen in forever. The food was amazing and I’m so grateful for the company.
Lately I’ve been so busy in RA training (which I love and will be posting photos as soon as I find the time) all day every day. We always have so much fun, but there’s so little time to ourselves. I just had an hour break (that I should be using to work on other RA projects, but I’m just so tired) so I’m just enjoying the comfort of my bed before our next meeting. I love seeing everyone from last year, and it makes me sad that a lot of my friends have moved on to bigger things or to different staffs. Either way, I’m feeling kind of homesick for my good friends. And family of course. It’s weird being one of the only people fasting during training, but the lectures and constant activity helps distract me from hunger, which is rarely there anymore. I honestly haven’t had a hard time at all this month Alhumdulillah.
Sal, Kairshma, Zain, Zarmeen, Amena
Me, Saira
Anyway, here’s one of the photos from the iftar dinner. I’ll probably be posting more of these later, too ๐Ÿ™‚

I need to start taking videos. My camera is pretty bad with actual photos, and I only manage to get a couple good shots out of a million. The videos come out pretty good, though, for casual use. So I’m thinking I’ll compile a bunch of different videos from my year and by the end it’ll be something great that I can share with everyone.

Anyway, I have a meeting in 10 minutes, so I’ll be updating more later.


Koran by Heart

I was really impressed by this documentary and I can’t help but play it over and over while I’m in my room. This premiered on HBO at the beginning of Ramadan, I believe, and now it’s been posted in 6 different videos on Youtube. Watch the complete documentary, I promised you’ll be impressed by these young children and how beautifully they recite the Quran MashaAllah!
I’m inspired. I thought it was a wonderfully made short film, very interesting throughout. There are a few things that I saw that bothered me about the actual subjects of the documentary. I thought Rifdha’s father was really strict with the way he was raising his daughter. She did amazing in the competition (obviously) and he didn’t really recognize her achievements. Or at least, I didn’t see him congratulate her or tell her how proud he was of her. Her dreams of being an explorer will soon be crushed by her father’s wish for her to be a housewife. Also, my heart broke for Djamil. He wasn’t traveling with any of his family or friends, and he didn’t have anyone to translate for him. It’s a tough competition but the judges seemed a little rude when they spoke to him. I’m so glad he got the chance to recite in front of the big Masjid, though. In the beginning when his father was telling him about all the problems in the world with the Muslims and how distorted a lot of the views of the Quran are because of the violence we’ve seen in the media among Muslims. He tells his son Djamil how important it is to understand the meaning behind the Quran, “The world is a mess. People are bombing and killing each other. But if all Muslims understood the Quran, there would be peace on earth.” I thought that his father and the rest of the community were really loving and encouraging and I think it’s important to be surrounded by that growing up. Especially with the pressure of following in your father’s footsteps at a young age.
I was really touched every time each of them read, but I really liked Nabiollah’s recitation, as did all of Egypt, apparently! He seemed to love reciting and wanted very much to continue to study and learn the Quran, although he didn’t speak a word of Arabic and couldn’t understand.
Their devotion and adherence to Islam is something that is just inspiring because of his young age. Perfect for Ramadan!
Enjoy and share with me your thoughts on the documentary!

I’ll be seeing you

Rachel’s been in Florida for nursing school, and Ben was in California for his internship all summer. Finally, they came home. And with our work schedules and post-exhaustion, Aileen and I haven’t been able to get together very much either. So yesterday we all got together for a much-needed sweet reunion jam hangout session. I always have so much fun when I’m with these guys. I can’t imagine my life without them!
Ben built this cute little robot! ๐Ÿ™‚ a robox.
Zaid and Aileen playing pingpong. Check out Zaid’s shirt!
Zaid rides his Vespa through Ben’s basement.
Aileen is a professional Yo-Yoer. She has serious skills, you have no idea.
family portrait
the drummer.
on the bass.
Rachel, listening in awe.
Soul Meets Body
I try my hand at the drums… I don’t think I’ll be going pro anytime soon.
Rachel and I are jealous of Aileen’s amazing skills.
we end the evening with SCATTERGORIES: Best Game Ever! (along with Taboo)
before we each head home for dinner.
I leave for school this Friday and I’ve only seen my close friends for short periods of time this summer because of our crazy schedules, but I’m glad I get these couple of days before I go. This year seems like it’s going to be busier than ever with all that I’m doing. but I’m hoping we’ll all be able to stay in touch somehow. I’m excited for school, but I’m going to miss home so much, especially while it’s Ramadan.
Anyway, I’ve had a great summer. I’ve spent a lot of my time studying and working at Old Navy, but it was definitely productive.
Ramadan Kareem!