River City Heat

I decided to visit my friends in River City for a couple of days and we had the sweetest reunion, despite the heat. The yummy Krispy Kreme run may have been a bit too sugary for me because I was laughing the whole night, talking to everyone in a British accent, and driving like a madman. Actually, it probably wasn’t the donuts. It was just my excitement for hanging out with great friends again.
We played Wii at Riz’s apartment. JUST DANCE 2… best game ever.
Drove my super-stuffed car to check out the city overlook.
best circle ever ๐Ÿ™‚
Riz tried to teach us how to be gangstas so we could do a proper pose for this picture.
cooling off by the fountain
Debkah around the fountain! First one to fall was going to be crowned the loser… none of us fell though
Abdullah thought he was back in Kuwait at a local fish market…
then the park police yelled at him to put it down haha
trying to survive in the extreme heat!
Apparently I’m the only one scared of the ferocious bear
Abdullah braves the ropes on the Extreme SkyFlier! He’s a brave soul.
Kings Dominion was a bit much because we stayed out so late the night before and were exhausted, and the heat wasn’t helping. The rides made up for it though. Especially the water rides! Also, throwing water at each other didn’t hurt ๐Ÿ™‚


DC, captured.

My good friend, Clementine, from elementary school came to visit after having moved to South Africa 6 years ago. I hadn’t really kept in touch with her at all but I got a text from a friend, Nida, that she was in town. so we planned to meet up. The next day Clem and I planned a trip to DC with Aileen, and here’s how it went:
We’re always finding out shocking information about history through the Smithsonian Museums (Art)
After failing to get into the National Archives Museum, we admired the pretty architecture of the building
(the ceiling above us)
This might have been my favorite painting.
{Auguste Renoir
French, 1841-1919
oil on canvas}
excited about seeing Harry Potter at midnight, we kept finding peculiar artifacts that resembled those from the books
(a beautiful Goblet of Fire)
Can you find the difference between these two paintings?
Seriously, what was the deal with the replica?
sneaking around the security guards at the Art Museum
we were getting really sleepy so we just started laughing at all the paintings while whistling the tune of the Harry Potter theme song and speaking to everyone in a British accent.
such a cute little courtyard
Visiting Barack + family. This was actually the first time I’d ever seen this side of the White House. I’m always looking through the gate on the other side when I visit DC.
This is the building next to the White House that I’ve always loved to stare at.
The architecture is really beautiful! I’d want to live here if it wasn’t full of offices.

A successful visit to the states! I love showing people around. Except, I don’t remember a single visit to DC when I haven’t gotten completely lost… including this one. But hey, getting lost with fun friends is never an unfortunate circumstance ๐Ÿ™‚

New York, captured.

New York trips are an annual thing for my family. We just lovee, love, love the city. If I ever make enough money, I definitely want to live there for at least a year. The idea of having an apartment right outside of Manhattan and enjoying the city when it isn’t filled with a billion tourists makes me so anxious to graduate college and start REALLY saving up.
here’s 22 pictures to tell you about our time.

After a seven-hour drive (rain & traffic), we finally arrive in Queens at 12am. Hungry!ย 
King Kabob!

Umar and Khalid ready to devour the delicious Pakistani food
second stop: the Paan shop. My dad got us all one to share… it was gross.

I’m thinking they could make this their next ad in the papers!
my toms help us find our way around Jackson Heights

The paan we shared.. bleh!
relaxing on the sidewalk, guessing peoples’ stories as they walk by (my dad is apparently an expert at it)
delicious danish for breakfast
the edge of a tunnel on our way to pray Duhr at a NY mosque.
in the busy city filled with tourists, people don’t notice anything.
artwork in progress
I was on the hunt to find some original Banksy (FAVORITE ARTIST OF ALL TIME)!
Could this be one of his? nahh. The search continues.
Ray’s Pizza… YUM.
Nothingg beats New York pizza. NOTHING.
see the girl with the balloons? it reminded me of Banksy ๐Ÿ™‚
light peeks through whatever cracks it can find.
reminded me of banksyy again ๐Ÿ™‚
my future home

white teeth thanks to the sun. haha tricks.
Dad and I relaxx in the backseat while khalid weaves through traffic on the potholed city streets
the Delaware Bridge at sunset.
Umar and I were taking turns trying to build a perfect bridge on the “X-Construct” app from Khalid’s droid.
And that’s pretty much all we did on the way home, try to build bridges that worked. When it wasn’t my turn, I played photographer.

looking back at our lovely trip through a tunnel while failing miserably at trying to hold my breath.
spent some money in China Town, searched for Banksy in SoHo, people-watched in Queens, bought a million mangoes in Jackson Heightsโ™ฅ, rushed through Times Square, and had the time of our lives.
Next time, I’m scouting out Banksy’s work. I’m determined.


new beginnings

I feel like the biggest weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, and I feel so, so good right now. I can’t exactly say why, but it’s good, I’ll tell you that much. Alhumdulillah!
And because I’m in such a good mood, I can reminisce about this great day I spent downtown with the love of my life, Anfal (who has a blog but can’t seem to keep up with it! I love her nonetheless).

I miss my girls, and I wish I had more time for them. Work seems to be getting in the way of my social life haha. But I need to earn some extra money so I can travel after I graduate! (and buy lots of slurpees until then :)) Here’s meee at the Canal Walk during my adventure with Anfal.

canal walk cerca spring with Anfal

#nowwatching The Social Network… SUCH A GOOD MOVIE.