chocolate cake and paintings

I finished the painting I made for Rachel and I’m pretty excited about it! It took me a while because I didn’t know what to add or what needed to be changed, so I kept stopping. I was painting it with toothpicks, too. Partially because I have no supplies, and also because it’s super small and I don’t think I’m steady enough with a brush of that size. It’s cool when you paint on wood because the paint stands up a bit, and you can feel the texture when you run your fingers across it.
Thank you toย Ebony Soulstress for giving me the idea to paint the boat ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s my first painting, so I’m satisfied with how it turned out. I hope she likes loves it.

And now I’m eating chocolate cake and watching Mexico slaughter the US. Not really, but our defense needs to get its act together. I swear last year I was such a sucker for fruity candy. This year I’m all about chocolate. I don’t know what happened, but I’m completely obsessed. And every time I watch soccer I want to play. I haven’t played since before spring break… it’s way too hot outside :/

Here it is, almost 11pm and I’m already sleepy. I think I’ve always been sleepy. In high school I remember napping when I got home from school some days. Shopping is tiring. Maybe that’s today’s reason for my exhaustion. Also because I got home from the engagement party close to 3am last night and had to wake up early for Samirah‘s dress fitting early this morning.

Anyway, I’m gonna go pray and then read Harry Potter and be sad about how the tickets for the midnight premiere are already ALL SOLD OUT. I had no clue they even went on sale yet :/ There goes my plans for dressing up and lining up.




hiii. I’m super sleepy right now.
I had my philosophy final this morning, went to lunch with Samirah, did some grocery shopping and took a sneak peak at wedding stuff at Michael’s (I LOVE THAT STORE).

I think that if you’ve never taken Philosophy, you should. A lot of the texts that I’ve read have been pretty dense, but when you take the time to read it, I think there’s a lot to gain. I’ll probably be posting some quotes from the reading on here just because I feel like there are key points for living that are so often overlooked, especially today.
I, like all other normal human beings, always get really excited when I’m done with my finals, but it always makes me so sad to leave the classroom knowing that I won’t see my classmates or professor again. That sounds kind of weird but we actually all became friends, stressing over the exam questions and eating chocolate during the exams. Anyway, I always get a little sad walking out of the classroom on the last day.

I thought I’d write very little because I’m so sleepy, but originally since I hadn’t been on in a while, I wanted to entertain you with a fabulous posts about how exciting my life has been over the past few weeks.
Instead, you get this.

I WANT THIS ON MY CAR. Woody’s my favorite.

Seriously though, I have a lot to say. Mostly about how my love for Banksy has just gone through the roof. He is amazing.
And my love for babies, apparently. Today at work I spent like half an hour just talking to this 11 month old little boy. We couldn’t stop smiling at each other! What a sweetheart I just wanted to play with him all day.

Even after I’ve finished my summer class, it still seems like there’s so much to do! My friend’s engagement party is tomorrow, my sister’s dress fitting on Saturday, and I’m working on Sunday.
All I want to do is a sleep, wake up, and bake a pretty cake like Cake Boss.