This is my sister! Isn’t she beautiful!? She is! Masha’Allah!
When I went home for winter break I probably slept in my own room twice, maybe. I slept in my sister’s room every night. We just laughed and laughed all night then would wake up in the afternoon and start laughing some more. We fight over which movie we want to rent from Redbox every night. When we were little we used to play restaurant and I would ALWAYS be the chef, and she would ALWAYS order a grilled cheese. There wasn’t much else I could make back then, I don’t think. Anyway I’m twenty and she’s twenty-three, and we’re still kids. She visited my University a couple of weeks ago and we had SUCH a good time. Our MSA rented out one of the pools for the girls so we spent as long as we could swimming and playing. It was seriously the best time, ever. This Saturday I finally get to go home 🙂 I can’t wait to spend every day with Samirah! She’s seriously the best, you all have no idea. I still do the cooking, and she still does the eating. And we both do the laughing until just before the sun rises.
The reasons my sister’s so cool? easy.
  1. She’s more fashionable than most people I know.
  2. She is REALLY hardworking.
  3. She always shares and she’s the most giving person I know.
  4. She’s going to be an elementary school teacher. She’s got a lot of love for her kids. And they’ve got a lot of love for her 🙂
  5. She’s a lot like me.
Interested? Too bad. She’s engaged to this awesome dude named Zyad. And they’re really cute Masha’Allah.

4 thoughts on “Samirah

  1. that's soo sweet mashAllah, you guys have an amazing relationship. I miss my older sister too and inshAllah when she graduates in a few weeks we'll get to spend more time together.


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