2 peas in a pod

Rachel and Zachary came to visit me on Saturday and we had such a good time 🙂 We got delicious pizza (egglant and basil, and olives..  Mmm) and cheese fries, then drove to one of the look-off points for a picnic. It was perfect weather and we just sat out on the grass looking at the cityscape, filling each other in on the past month. Then we drove to the river (got a little lost, but found it in the end), walked across a bridge (the wind was blowing it everywhere, so we were kind of scared), and sat on some giant rocks. Zachary was actually able to skip a rock! Rachel and I tried ten thousand times but it was hopeless. Maybe next time…

skipping rocks
about to go for a swim…
thinking about life…
the necklace Rachel got me 🙂

After a while at the river, we walked back to her car and drove to this little shop called For the Love of Chocolate. It has chocolate and different sweets from all over the world. It’s so tempting not to buy out the entire store. Then we decided we were hungry for some Mexican food and ate a delicious dinner in Cary Town. Mexican food is so delicious. I really would rather eat local Mexican food rather than the fake-me-out Chipotle and Qdoba… I don’t like either too much. It was already dark by the time we got back, so we played a couple rounds of Scattegories and called it a night. Rachel will be gone for the summer (at nursing school!) and so will another one of my best friends, Ben (internship in San Fransisco). Aileen and I decided that we’ll have to just live it up together until they get back.

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