the ethinicities in Paris

clip via Beauty of Islam
When I was at a protest in DC one year (I was probably 15 at the time), this man walking past my friends and I said, “You can take that thing off your head, you’re in America now.” This clip just reminded me of that. It’s a shame some people are still so ignorant about cultures and religions outside of their own. I thought the girl in the clip could have done a better job at covering her hair if she was a hijabi haha. I really like this, though! I like that the grandfather was so open-minded and invited the young man to walk with them. It shows how Muslims need to treat others, no matter their backgrounds. Some Muslims complain about not being treated equally, but they have no problem denying others respect. That’s unIslamic and shows ignorance on their part, as well. I want to see the rest of the movie!

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