haters gonna hate.

Instead of silently judging me, I’d rather you approach me and question my actions. Then there’s at least the slightest chance that I’d understand your perspective, agree, and then change my way of thinking.
Thank you.

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Northern VA native, currently living in Dallas, TX. I love my husband, my family, and eating my food with lots of dipping sauces. I started Pinkgingerale in 2009 as a way of sharing my thoughts, photos, and life with people around the world. Today I continue with a vision of inspiring people through my life journey, and belonging to a community of story-tellers.

3 thoughts on “haters gonna hate.”

  1. I agree. I'd have a lot more respect for someone, and consideration for their criticism if they told it to my face instead of having to find out they said it behind my back.


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