or wants, rather.

+fancy camera
+jeep wrangler

Alright. I posted this list right before my dad brought out his camera to show us pictures he took on his trip to Pakistan today.
I’d be happy if I never got any of these things. The photos he showed us were so humbling. We have so much, and the people in my dad’s old town have so little. And people elsewhere have even less.

Then he pulled out the gifts he got us. He brought back a bunch of small things from Pakistan; scarves, key chains, jewelry, and a few traditional clothes. Then he pulled out the hats and wallets for my brothers, and designer bags he got us on his stop in Paris on his way home. I immediately felt bad.
I’ll be posting some pictures from Pakistan as soon as I can.

I feel like I learned a lot during my break at home this time around. People who used to mean so much to me are now such a small part of my life, and I used to be so preoccupied with it, like it was the only thing that mattered. The importance of patience is becoming so much more apparent now.
I was once bitter, so I know what it looks like when other people feel that way. Don’t try to rush your feelings away. Just be patient and things will eventually get better. All good things come to an end, but better things often come in their place. And every bad experience only makes you stronger. So always remember to be patient.

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Northern VA native, currently living in Dallas, TX. I love my husband, my family, and eating my food with lots of dipping sauces. I started Pinkgingerale in 2009 as a way of sharing my thoughts, photos, and life with people around the world. Today I continue with a vision of inspiring people through my life journey, and belonging to a community of story-tellers.

2 thoughts on “needs”

  1. i like this post! its hard to be patieent sometimes but it does payoff, my mom always says look at those under you, not those above you when you want things, then reconsider and wait lol


  2. I agree.
    i come to my country to work as a English teacher with descent pay.
    whenever I work with my students, I find more about their personal life day by day.
    And some of them come from not so great environment.
    I feel as they are the ones who actually need the financial support.
    My work is incredibly easy.
    Sometimes I think the money is going into the wrong places.
    But I feel terrible to realize that there is not much I can do for them.


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