tonight, you arrested my mind

 Every time I come home, something bad happens. Usually I leave the keys in the car, which is just annoying. Last time I came home and we went to Philly, Umar got sick the minute we stepped out of the car. And this time, I got a ticket for the worst reason EVER.
 I was on my way back from the dentist and Umar refused to come with me… the dentist was new and because I’m only in town for the weekend, I guess I don’t really have a choice in who sees me. She numbed half my mouth to fill some cough*cavities*cough. blehh, so I walked out of there with a half numbed face and feeling really light-headed for some reason. Anyway, I was pulled over as I was entering the highway.
 Why does HOV hours change depending on which direction you’re traveling? And why would I know this? I hardly ever drive :/ Crying your way out of a ticket definitely does not work. Well it might, but not in this case. The cop was really nice, and I decided I’ll just pay the ticket without letting my parents know… which sets me back $125, but keeps them from being disappointed in me. I decided that after I was pulled over, I didn’t really want to talk to anyone, so I just drove and took the next exit, followed the road and didn’t stop until it ended. The streets sounded familiar, but I really had no clue where I was. And because I don’t think I’ll ever resort to using a GPS, I was lost. I drove the road back to where I knew, and went home. I think I needed that drive alone. As upset as I was, when I got home I was fine.
 I went to watch the documentary Waiting for Superman with Samirah and Zyad. It was about the broken education system in the US. I immediately became thankful for having gone to such good schools growing up. Even now, to be able to attend a University, it’s really something I’ve begun to appreciate. I can’t wait til I’m done with all these prerequisites. I want to start interning, and I reallyyy want to start traveling and doing Peace Corps type work where people need the most help.
 Today I went to DC and Georgetown with two great friends. It was amazing because instead of talking about how stressed we are about shit that didn’t go right, we just chilled and enjoyed the day out. It was lovely.
  AND. Traveling somewhere far is HAPPENING. soon (2 years from now?) inshaAllah! Turkey, Syria, Jordan. Dear God, I can’t even imagine myself two years from now.


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