the kids don’t stand a chance

naema: tell me a story.
me: once upon a time there was a girl who didn’t fit in no matter where she went
me: she walked halfway across the country to find a group that would accept her
me: then she met a boy. and he laughed at her silliness and played with her smile.
me: and she realized she was awesome and didn’t need to fit in with anybody
me: she was fine and fit just as she was
me: the END 🙂
naema: is this based on a true story?
me: muahaha
naema: i don’t know. i prefer murder mysteries.

respect the thin line

I can hardly stand on this thin piece of rope, and too often I glance beside me.
he’s there on his tightrope and i’m here on mine.
my left foot slips and I start to fall.
he never falls, never even stumbles.
and I wait for him on the ground.
he’s too focused on balancing to even look down below.
I get back up and try again, but his stillness keeps me intrigued.
And I keep falling.