my love for sleep and Ramadan

i’ve been in love with sleep all my life.
whenever there’s a choice between going to bed and doing something else, i’m completely won over by sleep.
i remember during my senior year of high school i would nap most days after school. pretty uncommon for a teenager, i’d say.
anyway, i thought i’d confess my love for sleep tonight.

I’m so glad it’s finally Ramadan. I always have this really great feeling during Ramadan. It’s indescribable, really. I always share dinner (iftar) with close friends (now that I’m away at school) and it’s such an intimate gathering when we come together to break our fasts at sunset. Being away from family during this month is kind of challenging because it’s the one time of the year when there isn’t an excuse to eat atย separateย times. Otherwise, we’d eat meals randomly and not feel obligated to gather at the table at a set time every day. And there’s always so much to eat, so much to choose from. When you fast all day, after it’s finally time to break it, you’re not all that hungry. But because of all the amazing food, you can’t help but stuff yourself. I’ve been trying to be a little less indulgent and just eat until I’m content. Which has been working so far (it’s only been two days). It feels really good to fast during the day. Yeah, there are some times when you just want a glass of water, but for the most part it feels cleansing and strengthening. Most people say they could never do something like fast each day for an entire month. It’s actually really beneficial and it teaches you to appreciate when you have. During Ramadan we also refrain from gossiping, cursing, and other things that are harmful to others so that we can get into these habits of cleanliness (not only the body, but the mind, also) for the rest of the month.
Anyway, I’m excited about Ramadan and I’m glad to be surrounded by such great people to share it with.

I guess I should also mention RA training while I’m posting. It’s been so much fun, I love all the people who I’m training with and I’m so glad to have been selected for such an amazing job. I’ve made so many friends who I’ll be working with, and I’ve been laughing all throughout training. We do these little exercises in the middle to wake everyone up and I swear I can’t stop smiling and laughing. It’s a bit ridiculous. But I’m pretty much always laughing and smiling lately. I’m at a really good place in life right now. Am I allowed to say that while I’m still in it? Well, I’m sayin’ ittt.

sharkbait hoo ha ha.


my 18th floor view.
i’ll post photos of the city at night soon, but it’s beautiful.
it’s a step up from last year’s 10th floor view of a brick wall.
now i can people-watch with a birds eye view ๐Ÿ˜‰
all i need are posters and cute stuff to hang up on the bare white dorm room walls.
they will see us waving from such great heights
come down now, they’ll say
they will see us waving from such great heights
come down now
but we’ll stay.

carpe diem

Don’t ever be too afraid to get out there and live.
You will get lost, and caught in terrible storms along the way.
You will endure hurt and wish to be back at home, safe.
But you will also experience the best moments of your life, you’ll meet amazing people and see sights you could have only dreamed of seeing.
And you will have lived.
Every day should be something new and amazing.
Stay forever young.