keeps gettin’ better

  Right now, I’m feelin’ good. Everything is coming together for me, and I don’t even remember the last time this happened, if it did. Last week I got into my first Social Work class of my college career. I’m thrilled about it, and I actually feel motivated to do well because it is the starting level class of my Social Work major. I haven’t ever really felt so encouraged, I’m usually anxious to start classes but I never keep up a steady studying technique. This is something I hope to change this semester because I feel like I’ve accomplished so much in the past year and I want to continue to do so.
  I was selected to be an RA in the freshmen dorms for this fall, which was a delightful surprise. I’m a pretty confident person, but I’m not very optimistic. I won the “Most Positive” superlative among the sisters in the MSA, but honestly, I never expect anything good to happen to me, but I don’t let it show. People tell me it’s horrible to think that way, but it really does prepare me for let-downs. So when I got the RA position, I was so relieved, and it made me even more excited for the fall semester.

  This weekend was amazing, I went to West Virginia (photo above). Everyone asks me why we went, there’s nothing there. But that’s exactly why. To get away from all the noise and chaos of home. And, It’s the nice kind of nothing, the kind of nothing everyone needs once in a while. The skies were carefully painted with the brightest pastels, and like a dream, we drove through clouds and saw them floating across the mountains beside us. We touched the highest point of the state and relaxed, easily forgetting about anything we had to return to.
  While on our weekend vacation there, I got a phone call offering me a job! And of course, I accepted. It will be my first real job, and I couldn’t be happier. I had planned on working this summer, as many hours as I could get, to save up and help out with school expenses and to travel. I feel so independent and I’m anxious to get started.
  Also, I finally realized what I want to do in life, career-wise. It’s perfect for me, I don’t know how I never thought of it before, but it’s exactly what I love, and what I’ve been interested in since I was young. Now that I know what I want to do, I feel so much more confident about what I’m studying. It’s the greatest feeling!
  All I can say is Alhumdullillah, and thank God for everything, always. I am so grateful for all that I’ve been blessed with. 2010 has been a very rewarding year so far, iA it is only the beginning.

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Northern VA native, currently living in Dallas, TX. I love my husband, my family, and eating my food with lots of dipping sauces. I started Pinkgingerale in 2009 as a way of sharing my thoughts, photos, and life with people around the world. Today I continue with a vision of inspiring people through my life journey, and belonging to a community of story-tellers.

3 thoughts on “keeps gettin’ better”

  1. I totally agree with SamSam :P, you deserve all the best, and love you loadsss!
    I completely understand where you're coming from with your lack of optimism because I do the same…it might not be outlook, but at least we're not set up for disaster. In a way, it moves us forward.
    Also, please kidnap me to West VA now!! 🙂


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