Yo Winter, I’ma let you finish but Autumn is the best season of ALL TIME!

I love you and everything but I would love you even more if you left. I’m sorry but this is the way it must be. I hate that things didn’t work out between us and I would love to see you again later this year, but for right now, what I really need is a season that will keep me warm. The snow you left me was wonderful, and I will always remember the school breaks you gave me. I really do like you. Especially when you’re cold enough that I have to wear my cute warm & fuzzy hat. I want to go back and take photos like these and sit under the warm sun, have picnics, watch the planes fly high above, and sing to the people who pass by. But most of all, I want to be warm.

5 thoughts on “seasons♥

  1. I agreeee! I miss fall & spring & summer. haha. Every other season except winter. but then I miss winter. Oh well, I just need the warmth! haha.

    Love the picture. did you take it?!


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