one year♥

PINKGINGERALE, est. 02/12/2009
It has been exactly ONE YEAR since I made my first blog post 🙂
anyway, this is VERY exciting and I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading what I’ve enjoyed posting.
i love peaceeee;

random tip of the day: Don’t PARKOUR! in your favorite pair of designer pants. they WILL rip and you WILL get a bloody leg. also, it’s a serious sport, or way of life, rather and it is important that we embrace it by jumping off of the tallest buildings and highest cliffs. we don’t waste time with small speed bumps or curbs, oh no. we are hardcore.

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Northern VA native, currently living in Dallas, TX. I love my husband, my family, and eating my food with lots of dipping sauces. I started Pinkgingerale in 2009 as a way of sharing my thoughts, photos, and life with people around the world. Today I continue with a vision of inspiring people through my life journey, and belonging to a community of story-tellers.

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