An old friend, Nnenna, visited Alan and me this past week and I got to spend a lot of time with her and really talk to her. I’ve always been one to care about what everyone thinks of me, and to care about people even when they don’t think twice about me. Nnenna made me realize that I worry too much about things that are not important at all. There are bigger things to think about and more important things to care about. My problems don’t even compare to those faced by people in Haiti, for example. Anyway, I’d like to be more care-free about the smaller things and look at the bigger picture. I wasted a lot of time thinking about petty shit.

For my English class we have to do different service learning projects and I’m going to help out with fundraising for Haiti. You should help out somehow, too.

6 thoughts on “advice♥

  1. Anisah you shouldnt care at what people say or think, unless they are supporting you as family or friends, the rest – they just wonna put you down.
    Trust me I've known alot of people who would say for example you're not gonna make it there and stuff like that. In the end, I always prove them wrong .. They have a word for these kinds of people here – “haters” haha


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