blogggg. yesterday was so much fun. i spent the day pretty chillin… i probably should’ve done work but i guess that’s what today will be for. yesterday kawthar, fadi and i were in the library “studying” and just hanging out cause the weather is bipolar. and ALL we did the whole time was listen to fadi read YO MAMA jokes off some joke website hahaha it was HILARIOUS. it was really silly, but it was a rainy dayy and we’re silly people haha. there was one joke that made our whole section of the library laugh.

and then later at 9pm we went to the gym and played basketball. MY GOODNESS! such a great workout. but i was really hungry afterwards. actually, i was pretty hungry ALL day yesterday… it was weird. anyway, basketball was a lot of fun, and i got to do pull-ups on the bar! which i havent done since the summer. after hanging out with ben so much, by the end of the summer i could do 3 pull-ups! (this is a big deal because at the beginning i could only do one!) and yesterday at the gym i could barely do one!! it was so sad. all that hard work fo nothin’. i guess that means im gonna have to keep making these late night gym trips! it was so much fun playing basketball, though. i LOVED it. almost as much as i love soccer.

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