Salaaam guys and umm sisters, my name is Waleedudin Younas Abdusami

(Waleed Sami)

And Anisah has been begging me to guest blog so I have relented. She also found me this picture to talk about so I will.

So apparently this is some folk singer at a hippie concert some-where. My music tastes range from Qawwali to Death Metal to underground gangsta rap. I’m try to make a death-qawwali-gangsta rap genre too. I’ll tell yall how that works out. Anyways the only folk music I’m into are The Greatful Dead.

Anyways, this picture is pretty boss. The guy is riffin through a chord with a cig in his mouth with the eternal peace sign above him. Quite symbolic of the Caucasian-Oriented peace movement in the 60s. Fun Fact: My uncle had an afro in Pakistan. The newspapers went crazy and printed his picture in the front pages saying he was the first hippie of Lahore. So yes people all over the world have afros.. including my uncle… who is like 56 now.


Anyways the only thing I find wrong with this picture is this man is smoking a cig. I think thats so low class, I’m personally a pipe enthusiast. So I’m very biased. Yes I do have elitist tendancies.

Anyways, thank you Anisah for letting me blog! This has been a truly amazing experince that I won’t do again!

Peace and Love


Waleed Sami

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