50th POST!
GUEST POSTER! Mariam is here with us today, and she has a couple words she would like to say to the world:
“I cant really think of anything of importance that I want to say to the world but I feel priveleged to be able to have my two cents worth on Anisah’s blog… trust when I think of something important to say that I will revisit this page. I only wish I were as creative and witty as Anisah.. too bad, lol”
yayyy!! mariam and i are sitting in the library with three other girls who aren’t important enough to mention, and we decided that we needed to make the 50TH POST to make the blog a little exciting!! we’re about to go to a shura meeting, which should be funn! tomorrow we’re going to do a thing called Project Downtown and make sandwiches and hand them out to the homeless! be like us, or at least smile at the homeless pereson! you will make their lives a little bit brighter 🙂

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Northern VA native, currently living in Dallas, TX. I love my husband, my family, and eating my food with lots of dipping sauces. I started Pinkgingerale in 2009 as a way of sharing my thoughts, photos, and life with people around the world. Today I continue with a vision of inspiring people through my life journey, and belonging to a community of story-tellers.

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