remember back in the day when i blogged about locking my keys in the car??
i did it again at the laudromat over the weekend. and i got locked out of my dorm twice in one week!! i have the worst memory in the world, but i dont even think that’s what it was about! i dont know, im not that irresponsible! but i cant blame anyone but myself… i guesss.
anyway ben was telling me that hes going to forget all of us when he’s 80 because altheimers runs in his family! i told him i would forget everyone by the time im 20 so he wouldnt feel so bad.
thats DEFINITELY not true though. i could never.
anyway, today i walked around campus and saw guys playing the bongos and a fencing club meeting. they were fencing! in the middle of a little park! it was cool. then i saw a pretty building and thought, ‘ohh i wish i had my camera’. i want to take lots of pics and post them. but right now i have to study.
my dorm is too cold for meee! but at least it’s cute, so i forgive it for being so cold.
story time by mohammad:
“and my cultural foundation teacher is insane. like literally she randomly starts laughing really loud, it’s hilarious. she thought it was funny that the room was long so she started laughing REALLY LOUD then 15 minutes later she explained why she was laughing haha u would love her though”

he’s right, i would love her. should i include something more in this blog? i feel that Calvin is just what this post needs.

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