Salaaam guys and umm sisters, my name is Waleedudin Younas Abdusami

(Waleed Sami)

And Anisah has been begging me to guest blog so I have relented. She also found me this picture to talk about so I will.

So apparently this is some folk singer at a hippie concert some-where. My music tastes range from Qawwali to Death Metal to underground gangsta rap. I’m try to make a death-qawwali-gangsta rap genre too. I’ll tell yall how that works out. Anyways the only folk music I’m into are The Greatful Dead.

Anyways, this picture is pretty boss. The guy is riffin through a chord with a cig in his mouth with the eternal peace sign above him. Quite symbolic of the Caucasian-Oriented peace movement in the 60s. Fun Fact: My uncle had an afro in Pakistan. The newspapers went crazy and printed his picture in the front pages saying he was the first hippie of Lahore. So yes people all over the world have afros.. including my uncle… who is like 56 now.


Anyways the only thing I find wrong with this picture is this man is smoking a cig. I think thats so low class, I’m personally a pipe enthusiast. So I’m very biased. Yes I do have elitist tendancies.

Anyways, thank you Anisah for letting me blog! This has been a truly amazing experince that I won’t do again!

Peace and Love


Waleed Sami

50th POST!
GUEST POSTER! Mariam is here with us today, and she has a couple words she would like to say to the world:
“I cant really think of anything of importance that I want to say to the world but I feel priveleged to be able to have my two cents worth on Anisah’s blog… trust when I think of something important to say that I will revisit this page. I only wish I were as creative and witty as Anisah.. too bad, lol”
yayyy!! mariam and i are sitting in the library with three other girls who aren’t important enough to mention, and we decided that we needed to make the 50TH POST to make the blog a little exciting!! we’re about to go to a shura meeting, which should be funn! tomorrow we’re going to do a thing called Project Downtown and make sandwiches and hand them out to the homeless! be like us, or at least smile at the homeless pereson! you will make their lives a little bit brighter ๐Ÿ™‚
ohhh happy dayyy! (free concert from hanane and mee 16th floor, hollaa)
Kat Von D.
today in my english class we were discussing religions. we did a fishbowl discussion with two groups: religious and non-religious. hmm…Im the only person in the class that isn’t christian! haha it was very weird cause everyone kept saying, ‘we all go to church lalala we all read the bible and so lalala’ i was like… i go to the mosque hehe… ๐Ÿ™‚ it was all very interesting, though. we got to see everyones backgrounds and kind of where everyone is coming from. and im sure everyone was curious about me because im cool… or maybe cause i wear a scarf… nahh, it’s probably because im cool.
and just outside of our building there was this guy preaching to the world about the bible and how being gay is wrong and then there were, of course, people who were yelling back and I JUST WISH he would keep his damn thoughts to himself. honesly, who the hell cares what he or she believes? just worry about yourself, and i’ll worry about myself. kthanksbye.

i deactivated my facebook.
when i was leaving it said to me, ‘your 914 friends will miss you if you leave facebook!’ pshhthahaha. do i even know all of them? probably not.
i just feel gross being on facebook so much! blehh! just like i never watch tv anymore, same sort of deal.

+nida and i are removing the word ‘like’ from our vocabulary. yay! be like us!
+i got a haircut, yayy! in a couple of years we will be celebrating my turquoise dreads. yayy!

SONG: Liquefy by The Servant

don’t you love it when everything goes better than planned? i just got home and i had a really greatt nightttt.
i went to the library to study today (i didnt even start to work) and then we went to a friend’s house for the last Iftar of Ramadan! first of all, the food was delicious (go to an arab’s house if you haven’t already, they’ll feed you like no other ๐Ÿ™‚ ). secondly, when we were done eating we watched Sky High. which sounds a little dumb but Warren Peace is VERY attractive. so we all kind of stared at the tv and drooled. and then we were like ‘roadtrippp’ so we went to this place called Moody Point (except its not even really called that) to see this scary abandoned house that is definitely Off Limits and we screamed our lungs offff even though there was nothing. there used to be a prison in the area and a murderer escaped or some scary shit like that though so umm thats a good enough reason i guess! so we went back to our friend’s house and chilled in the basement. and because its ginormous, we rode scooters and lifted weights and then had an extreme dance party with strobe lights and all that good stuff. it was fun cause dance parties are only my favorite thing in the entire world!!!
its 3:10am and its the beginning of Eid.
freshh startsss.