Jesus is calling out to her!

A couple of weeks ago i went to my friends 18th birthday party at Olive Garden and i got there like 15 minutes before the birthday girl did. i gave the lady at the front a cake that i had baked and asked her if the waiter could bring it out when we were finished eating with the candles lit and everything, so she said ‘ok’ and went to put it in the fridge.
When we were done eating, nothing was happening and the waiter was asking us if we wanted dessert…
i was like………WHERES THAT CAKE that i spent 5 hours baking? (not really it was like betty crocker or something but still).
so i went to the kitchen myself and told some random girl to bring out the cake from the fridge and she did, but the candles werent lit…
i was like..ummm excuse me can i get some fiyyaa up in this jointt?? so she was like asking around for a lighter from all the waiters and this guy finally lit the 3 candles and I SERVED THE CAKE MYSELF. i was like …um excuse me. isnt it the waiter’s job to serve the food. it was really awkward serving a cake to the dinner party that i was at.
anyways so after dinner, two of my friends and i went to the mall to hang out and then these two nice ladies come up to us…AND START PREACHING TO US. one of them was really nice and was asking me all these questions and talking to me about sin. and then my friend looks at her and says ‘um excuse me. i dont mean to be rude or anything, but why are you asking us this?’ and they lady goes..’its just my hobby.’
we were both like ‘okay you need a new hobby because this doesn’t look fun at all. and we’re not interested’. i mean…for my hobby i collect snapple caps with all the facts on them…not go to not-so-random teenagers in the mall and start talking to them about religion. sounds fun though.
So after like 30 minutes of being preached to, i see some of my friends so im like ‘excuse me please’ and i go and say hi to my friends. MEANWHILE back at the preaching corner (the fountain at tyson’s), the second lady is telling my friend ‘you need to convert your friend[talking about me, of course]. JESUS IS CALLING OUT TO HER!!!’
hahahahahaha im likeee. holddd upppp. haha but i wasnt there when she said that, my friend just told me later.

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so this is my bad luck…again.
REMEMBER: always carry a spare key, and carry “ANTI-PREACHING” broshures to give to preachers at the mall when they hand you “JESUS IS CALLING OUT TO YOU” broshures.



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