Funny Yahoo Questions

Okay so my sister didn’t have class today and was looking at all the ridiculous questions people ask on Yahoo! Answers. Some of them I can tell are just for fun but others…I kind of wonder about.

Ok. I’m at my school library, and it’s study hall.. and these two really disgusting nerds are sitting next to me kissing each others zits and looking murderers up on the internet. I’m getting so nauseous. Ugh. What would you do?
I’m not staring at them. I find them revolting because I’m seriously right in the proximity of their clashing faces. I was here first and both of them are so creepy. It’s not the fact that they’re gross zit freaks that pisses me off, it’s the fact that they start to make out every time one of them has a new fact to say. “This guy killed 45 young boys and buried them in his backyard” kisskisskisskiss. Ughh.

i’m not sure what i would do but that is really gross!! It reminds me of Blades of Glory when they’re talking about how their parents died and then all of a suddent they’re about to kiss but they realize that it’s not romantic AT ALL.

My brother just asked me what i think is the strongest Pokemon, but i honestly don’t know!

hmm..tough one.

I’m 13 and I want to know why I’m old enough to vote for American Idol as many times as I want but I can’t vote for president!!! I am a mature adult, and it’s stupid that I can cast my vote for David Archuletta 247 times but can’t even vote for a great guy like Obama even once…ugh, if I’d gotten to vote, he definitely would’ve gotten elected…too bad.

yeah it suck when you can’t vote. But this 13 year old’s one vote wasn’t going to make or break Obama…

What does a dream with 3 purple snakes mean???


HOW DO I STOP CUTTING SCHOOL? last year i never cutted school but this year its totally the opposite, i cut school mostly everyday && go home early.. i really want to stop but it really gets boring in school or sutimes i be to tired… im in highschool


the best questions EVER are always the ones that are like “how old do I look??” and “Am I pretty??” and theres always a picture attached.
….and they’re always like 12 years old. haha its kind of disgusting.


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